When is the Best Time to Renovate?

When is the Best Time to Renovate?

Image result for How To Care For Your Kitchen CupboardsTiming is everything with renovations. It’s easy to get impatient and over-extend yourself financially or start at the wrong time, so before you begin, ask yourself some serious questions:

  • Do we need to do this now or can it wait?
  • Do we have to do all our renovations at once or can we do them piecemeal?
  • How much can we afford?
  • Are there any alternatives to our planned renovations?

If a tree falls through your roof, your renovations can’t wait, but if you want to replace your roof, can you get quotes now and make arrangements with your roofing contractor to start the job later? Giving yourself some breathing space allows you to explore all your roofing options; be ready for the disruptions to your daily activities when work begins; and put aside money for the project so you don’t have to borrow.

Your living room is too small. After looking at the Outdoor Living photos on hipages.com.au, you saw your solution. If you knock out the window that faces your backyard and replace it with bifold doors, your living space will open up to your back yard. Then you can add on an enclosed patio and double your living space. You get quotes from the tradies you’ll need, do your sums and your heart sinks. The project is going to cost more than you thought it would. Rather than abandon the project, can you do it one step at a time?

You bought your first home years ago, but it’s clear that your family has outgrown it. You need to add on a bedroom and ensuite. You have enough equity in your home to get a loan, but how much can you afford to add to your mortgage payments? No matter how badly you think you need those renovations now, take a hard look at your finances first and then start exploring your alternatives.

Home extension builders can be of invaluable help to you, but you need to be open-minded. Rather than telling the builders you contact for quotes what you want, tell them what you need and ask them for their advice. Should you extend upwards with a second storey or outwards and sacrifice some of your yard space? Can you incorporate some of your existing interior space into your renovation and reduce the expense of the extension? Good home extension builders have seen it all and can often come up with innovative solutions that can save you thousands of rands.

When is the best time to renovate? No matter what your personal circumstances may be, the answer is the same: after you have done your homework. Then and only then will you know what to expect and how to prepare for your renovations.

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